Emoji.review Privacy Policy

Data collected by emoji.review

Emoji.review collects your Facebook User ID. Facebook User ID is a random string of numbers (ie. 1234567890) that is generated by Facebook. Emoji.review USES your Facebook User ID for the following reasons: Emoji.review DOES NOT use your Facebook User ID for the following:

I notice my name is shown when I log in to Emoji.review, but you said you don't collect my name. How is it getting my name?

Two values are returned with our request to Facebook, one is your name, the other is your Facebook User ID. The request from Emoji.review is done in JavaScript, this is all on the client (your) side of the transaction. Web browsers can read JavaScript and display it on the screen. Emoji.review DOES NOT save your name anywhere in our database.

Removing Accounts and Your Data

It is possible for Emoji.review to delete an account and all associated ratings. Currently, the only way to have this done is to contact us.